How to beat the summer heat and enjoy your wedding!

“I can’t deal with this heat!! I’m going inside where there’s air conditioning!”

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Folks, I heard that exact statement…

At a wedding…

During the ceremony…

From a family member of the bride!

Summer is in full swing right now, and you don’t want to have to worry about you or your guests melting into a pool of sweat on your wedding day!

Here are a few helpful tips to help you feel more at ease and get you through the “Dog Days”


Consider giving your guests hand held fans as a favor when they get to your reception, if it’s outside or in a location without AC.

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If your reception is outside or under a tent, see if you can rent some big portable fans to put around the dance floor to keep the air moving. That way people will be less likely to sweat to death if they bust a move!

Relax the dress code!

Yea, maybe you wanted the wedding to be a black tie affair, but if folks are outside for any portion of time, those black outfits are going to HEAT UP!

Ditch the black tie and offer a more relaxed dress code!

Limit outdoor time

Can you keep yourself and your guests inside out of the sun for the hotter parts of the day? Do it! Even giving people a short break can go a long way to beating the warm weather.

If you’re doing portraits outdoors, choose a shady spot for pictures (this will be better for the photographer too) and take a break in some air conditioning or in front of a fan before the ceremony or reception.

Move your cocktail hour indoors if that’s an option. But, only if there’s AC inside. Putting people inside a hot, stuffy building isn’t going to make things better.

Wet wipes are your secret weapon

Seriously, keep a few of those little packets of wet wipes available. You can wipe off the sweat and feel a little bit more human.

Frozen wash clothes as neck coolers

Wet some wash clothes, throw them in a freezer and keep them handy to put on the back of your neck. They’ll help lower your core temperature a little bit and you’d be surprised how quickly they work!

Stay hydrated!!!

I know you probably want to booze it up a little bit on your wedding day, but if it is blazing hot out, be sure to drink lots of water!! Make sure that your guests have water or non-alcoholic beverages like lemonade available for any outdoor portions of your wedding.

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