How I use movie quotes to be a better wedding photographer!

“Oh, this could be dangerous…” the bride-to-be said as her fiance and I started trading movie quotes.

The first step is to admit that you have a problem. My name is Casey, and I am a movie quote addict.

Once you get me started, it’s hard to stop me…just ask my wife.

I can have entire conversations with people just using movie quotes…

And it’s really not limited to movies. It’s song lyrics…TV shows…the list goes on and on. And don’t think just because a movie isn’t well known that I haven’t seen it. I have a voracious appetite for film, music, and television. I will have conversations with friends and after an especially obscure reference they will sometimes look at me and say, “Is that from something?”


Why do I do this? Well, I will let you in on a little secret. When I am around people I don’t know, I am terribly shy. So, I developed a mechanism to cope with that by using pop culture to communicate.

It’s actually a great ice breaker.

And that’s how it helps me do my job. It helps me connect with you. Whatever you like to watch to entertain yourself, most likely I’ve seen it, and I remember it.

I can’t tell you how many times a well placed line from Anchorman, or Parks & Recreation, or a really terrible Steven Seagal movie has made a couple laugh hysterically and taken all of the tension out of a moment.


Having that mutual touchstone will make you feel more at ease when the time comes to take pictures.

If you’re feeling a little nervous or camera shy, I can bust out a line from your favorite movie or TV show to let you know that I reassure you that I’m going to take care of you. This is a low pressure environment and we are here to have fun! There’s no danger here…


When it comes to your wedding, do you want a photographer who can make you feel relaxed before, during, and after your wedding day? It’s not just about quoting movies (though that is a pretty fun part of it). I want to make the ENTIRE wedding photography experience fun and easy for you. And if that means pulling out my Sean Connery impression, so be it!

Get in touch with me today about photographing your wedding, and I assure you that your experience will be a lot of fun – and you’ll get amazing pictures! It only takes a minute – contact me now!

If you’re not getting married, drop your favorite movie quote in the comments and see if you can stump me!

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