I Photograph LGBTQ+ Weddings

As Pride Month comes to a close, I have been thinking about the state of the world for couples planning LGBTQ+ weddings. I want everyone to feel welcome coming to me when they look for a wedding photographer to document their love.

But I know that things aren’t easy. I’ve seen wedding vendors posting in forums asking, “What’s the wording I should use to deny gay couples so I’m doing it legally?”

It makes me sick to read those words.

Every time I hear from an LGBTQ+ couple inquiring about wedding photos and asking, “Is that okay with you?” is like a punch to the stomach. Why? Because I KNOW that couple has had someone tell them that they think it isn’t okay. And, personally, I find that pretty shameful.

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I’ve long been an advocate for marriage equality, and I’ve made my thoughts on this subject clear in writing before. You can click here to read them.

But I feel that I must take this opportunity to let those of you planning a same sex wedding that you have nothing to fear when you hire Casey Fatchett Photography.

You will not be turned away, looked down on, or otherwise chastised. You will be treated like a couple who is in love…as you deserve to be treated!

I am your ally and I will fight for you as well as make sure you feel comfortable AND get fabulous pictures.

Wherever you are, if you’re planning an LGBTQ+ wedding and you need a photographer who will treat you with respect, click here to let me know NOW! I will come to you or I will find someone who can help you wherever you are.

And if you think it’s okay to discriminate against ANY group of people, not just this amazing community, your hate is not welcome here!

Love is love!

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