3 Times You’ll Think About Lying to Wedding Vendors

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“Lying is fine if it gets you a better price!”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading, but THERE IT WAS! Plastered all over the blog of a pretty reputable wedding publication – “When lying to your wedding vendors is okay!” There’s a lot of bad advice out there in the ‘wedding world’, but this is some of the absolute worst! The sad thing is, you might be tempted to do it, and here’s when it’s most likely to happen:

1. You hear people charge more for weddings

You’ve heard that vendors charge more just because it’s a wedding. Actually, it’s not ‘just because’ it’s a wedding. There’s a lot more work that goes into working a wedding than most other events, but that’s an entirely different topic. So, you think by saying you’re just having a ‘party’, you will save some dollars. Well, the problem there is that your vendor is going to find out that it is a wedding, and you’re setting yourself up as not being trustworthy. Also, they might not give you the attention and help you need if they think this is ‘just a party.’ Be honest. It’s a wedding.

2. Your guest count

You may not know EXACTLY how many people will be at your wedding, but you probably have a good idea of how many you will be inviting. Whether it’s your photographer, your venue, or your caterer/baker, it is VERY important to tell them how many people you are expecting. Your photographer needs to know how much coverage you need (whether you might need a second or even third photographer). Your venue may have a maximum number of guests that can safely fit inside, and your caterer/baker needs to know how much food needs to be prepared. If you end up springing a larger number on them later, you may actually have to pay MORE money to cover the last minute change.

3. Your budget

You might think that by telling a potential vendor that your budget is lower that they’ll give you a deal. Well, that might work with an inexperienced vendor who is ‘hungry’ for work, but most wedding vendors have a minimum amount they need to charge. They’re trying to run a business, and if they do give you a discount and find out you were spending a lot more money on other vendors, you’re going to build resentment. While I would never do this, I’ve heard stories of vendors tanking jobs because they found out the couple lied to them about their budget.

The reverse is also true, if you tell a vendor that your budget is higher than it actually is, you can end up in a very sticky situation. You could end up paying more than you originally intended, confusing the vendor when you say you can only pay a lower amount, or just plain wasting their time and yours when they come to the conclusion that you can’t afford their services.


It’s never a good idea to lie to your potential vendors. Whatever the case may be, it’s always best to be honest from the beginning – and throughout the process! Want more wedding planning advice and inspiration delivered right to your inbox every month? Sign up for my newsletter and I will send it off to you with a handy summary of all the articles I post. You can pick and choose what you want to read and you don’t have to keep coming back or scouring the internet. It’s a win-win situation! Sign up now!

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