You can find wedding inspiration in a lot of different places. For example, you can go down the rabbit hole and spend hundreds of hours on Pinterest, furiously pinning ideas. But, why spend all that time looking for great ideas if you can get a bunch of them in one spot?

The Wedding Inspiration Book

I have been a wedding photographer for nearly 20 years. I’ve photographed over 500 weddings. It’s safe to say, I have seen a LOT of great ideas. Why should I keep them all to myself? Well, I’m not going to! If you’re engaged or planning a wedding (professionally or as a favor), you will receive my brand new 30 page “Wedding Inspiration Book” absolutely free after signing up for my newsletter. Yep, all you’ve got to do is sign up.

But then you’re going to try to sell me something, right?

If you want to hire me to photograph the wedding, I’d absolutely love to talk about it. You’re welcome to contact me.

However, I will not be bombarding you with emails in an attempt to get you to hire me.

I don’t want to clutter up your inbox. You’ll get an email from me once a month with more inspiration and wedding planning advice…that’s it!

Yea, but what’s actually in this ‘inspiration book’?

Hundreds of photos, helpful hints and tips to help you throughout the wedding planning process and to make your wedding day run smoother. These are things I have picked up over the years that everyone can benefit from, and really AMAZING ideas my clients have had. Here’s a little sneak peek:

Free Wedding Inspiration BookWhat are you waiting for?

You get the 30 page wedding inspiration guide for free, plus monthly emails with more inspiration and tips/advice. You have nothing to lose and more free time to gain since I’ve done the work for you! Sign up for the newsletter and get your copy today.

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