Tap and Tapas 2018

Tap and Tapas

Dance. I love it. I often find my body moving to the rhythm of the music playing (either out loud or in my head). It is an art form that leaves me in awe, mostly because I am not a very good dancer. But dance is very close to my heart. Last year, I had the opportunity to photograph the “Tap and Tapas” fundraiser for Groove With Me, a “dance studio that offers free classes to girls in Harlem as a safe and enduring space for girls to express themselves and discover their capacities in a stable environment.”

To me, that is a very worthy cause. So, I was happy to come back this year to photograph the event again. There’s incredible food, an auction, and this year (like last year) a performance by absolutely incredible tap dancer, Jason Samuel Smith. You can click here to learn more about the event and the chefs/restaurants (as well as other vendors) who donate their services.

Check out the photos (and videos of some of the performances) in the slideshow below.

Enjoy dance? Like supporting worthy causes? You should head over and donate to Groove With Me today!

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