Newest Team Member: Shadow

If you’ve ever seen me around a dog, you know I want to be their best friend. I love all animals, really. After Tyler and Hockis left us a few years ago, life felt a little empty without a furry friend in it. Let’s face it, I needed a puppy.

So, we are very thrilled to announce our newest ‘team member’, Shadow!! She’s a rescue puppy from the island of St. Maarten – yea, she’s a tropical lady. People keep asking what ‘breed’ she is…well, she’s what they call a ‘potcake dog’ – which is basically a catch all term for island mutts. She’s obviously got some terrier and shepherd in her.

Shadow’s likes include: sunbeams, destroying squeaky toys, picking up sticks when she is supposed to be chasing her ball, and anything that involves food. She is definitely ‘food motivated’. She’s also super super loving and sweet. We couldn’t be happier to have her join our family!

So, you can expect to be seeing lots of cute puppy photos popping up on my various social media streams. If you want to follow Shadow, she has her own Instagram account, and yes, her middle name is GOZER!

self portrait

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