Orama – New Jersey Wedding: Angela + Alex

It really bums me out when a couple contacts me about a date and I am already booked. I know what you’re saying, “But you already have a job!” Yes, there is that, but I REALLY love helping people. That’s why I created Team Fatchett, so that I could continue to serve couples even when I am already booked. So, when Angela and Alex reached out to me, and even though I was already booked for their date, I immediately let them know I had photographers who could help them. They eventually chose my Team Fatchett photographer, Sofia.

It was a beautiful wedding! Looking at the photos, I feel like I was there. We also provided video services for the wedding – you can see the ‘highlight video’ at the bottom of the post.

You can check out the video we created for Angela and Alex below:

If you’re getting married at Orama, and you need a great photographer, you should contact us now!


self portrait

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