“Was that it? Wow. That was painless!”

The groom had a look of pure elation when I told him that, indeed, we were done with the family portraits. He was ‘not into’ posed pictures and felt more than a little uncomfortable when the camera was pointed at him. Plus, he and his wife didn’t want to spend their entire cocktail hour taking photos. They wanted to enjoy the party. Not a problem.

Ashford Estate wedding by Casey Fatchett Photography -

I worked with them to create a streamlined list of portraits that covered all of their ‘must have’ groups, while maximizing the amount of time they got to spend at the party.

“Are you sure that’s it?”

“Yep! No muss. No fuss. Quick and painless is what I aim for!”

“Well, you nailed it.”

Not everyone wants a big production when it comes to the portraits on their wedding day. The feeling that the smile on their face is going to permanently freeze into some sort of mask takes over and they legitimately begin to fear the photo process. I totally understand, and that’s why I want to make the process fun, enjoyable and as quick as possible while still getting great photos.

Every couple and every wedding day is different. Different family dynamics, personalities, and schedules require personalized attention so that everything runs smoothly. When I work with a couple, I delve into these topics so that I can figure out the best approach to their particular situation.

That way, I make sure they get what they want and it is an entirely pain free process. What matters most, and makes for the best pictures (in my opinion) is that you feel comfortable.


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