NOLITA Wedding: Nicole + Jon

“We want it to feel like a party at our house with our friends!”

Isn’t that what it boils down to in the end? After you strip away all of the other things, your wedding is, at its core, a celebration with those closest to you. The people you can really be yourself with. The people you want to share this incredible moment in your life with.

The people who truly know you.

And they know how much this means to you, sharing the laughter and the tears. Tearing it up on the dance floor with you until the early hours of the morning – or getting up and singing with the band and bringing the house down. Every little moment that means so much to the two of you.

When it’s all said and done. Those are the moments you will remember. The moments, and the people you shared them with.

Bride and wedding dress - Casey Fatchett Photography

NOLITA wedding NYC by Casey Fatchett Photography - fatchett.com The bride - Casey Fatchett Photography - fatchett.com

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Love love love! And wtg, Casey, on some fab pics!

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