Tips for Better “Getting Ready” Photos on Your Wedding Day

Better Getting Ready Photos on Your Wedding Day by Casey Fatchett - fatchett.comMany couples want to have beautiful photos of the ‘getting ready’ process on the day of the wedding. It makes sense since so much preparation goes into the wedding day, and these are the last few moments before the big event. The quality of your getting ready photos has a lot to do with the environment they take place in. Here are a few quick tips that will lead to better pictures for you!

Where you are getting ready?

Is there enough space for all of the people that will be in the room at the same time? Does it provide the type of background you want for your photos? Asking yourself these questions will help you decide where to get ready. While your options may be limited, you will make better choices when you take all the factors into account.

Natural light is better

Do you want light, airy, candid photos of you getting ready? Well, you should choose a location that has plenty of available light. Light coming in from a big window is the best, in my opinion. Also, your hair and makeup person will thank you if there is plenty of light.

Clean up the mess

I know there is a lot going on, but spending 5 minutes picking up the refuse that collects during the getting ready process will do loads to improve your photos. No one wants pictures with empty water bottles and plastic bags lying around. Assign some people in your wedding party to straighten up the space about fifteen minutes before the photographer is supposed to arrive – don’t leave so much time that more things will start to pile up again.

Follow these tips and your getting ready photos will be far better! Where are you planning to get ready for your wedding? Do you have any thoughts on this topic? If you do, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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