The Interactive Guest Book

How often do you think you are going to look at the guest book from your wedding? If it is just full of signatures and a handful of people writing, “Congrats!” – probably not very often. And, let’s be honest, unless you tell your guests to write something other than their signatures, that is what you are most likely going to get! Enter…the interactive guest book:

Customized to Fit Your Unique Relationship

The custom look of your book starts with your engagement photos – you can’t get much more personalized than that…or can you? Choose the questions you ask your guests from my list or come up with questions of your own! Or do a combination of both!

A Variety of Options

Choose from square, landscape, or portrait orientation books with a wide selection of cover option. Standard books come with your choice of linen, silk, or a photo hardcover. Leather covers are available as an upgrade.

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