Choosing Locations for Your Wedding Photos

Hudson Valley Wedding at Basilica Hudson by Casey Fatchett Photography - www.fatchett.comCouples often ask for my input on what locations they should pick for their wedding portraits (and their engagement photos). I find myself reiterating a lot of the topics below. If you are trying to choose your wedding (or engagement) portrait locations, perhaps you will find these pointers helpful.

Scout Locations

Visit the locations you want to use for your wedding photos. Will it be easily accessible via your wedding day transportation? Take into consideration where the sun will be at the time of day when you will be taking photos. While an hour or so before sunset is an optimal time, I understand that is not always feasible depending on your wedding day schedule. If the sun is going to be directly overhead, make sure there is a shaded area where people can stand to get out of the heat.

Consider Your Schedule

How long will you have to get from location to location? Does this spot make sense given the timeline for your wedding day?

It may seem like a ‘no brainer’, but it is, shockingly, the most common note I have for couples. When the travel time is half an hour each way and we only have an hour in the timeline for these particular photos, it just isn’t going to work out.

Also, when it comes to wedding in New York City, you should double, if not triple, your expected travel time to take traffic into consideration.

Backdrop of Character

Do you want the location to be a lovely backdrop for your photos? Or, do you want the location to be a ‘character’ that is actively part of the pictures?

This is the difference between taking photos with a city skyline or a mountain range behind you (backdrop) and taking pictures in a library or book store (character).

Does the Location Reflect Your Style and Personalities

In the end, perhaps the final deciding factor is whether this location means something to you. Does it reflect YOU? If you’re not a city person, does it make sense to take all your portraits with the city in the background? Probably not.

Find a location that extends the meaning of your photos instead of defining them.

Well, that’s all for now. If you’re getting married and you want to work with a photographer who will help you choose the most awesome locations, you should contact me right now!!

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