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Central Park engagement photos by Casey Fatchett -

Are you planning to submit your engagement or wedding photos to be publicized as a wedding announcement? If so, talk to your photographer and find out if the publication has any rules for submission. The New York Times has a very famous rule where the eyes of both people must be level in the photo. There’s good reason for that, it makes sure that the photo editor can crop the image as needed without cutting off someone’s head! They recently shared a series of stories about couples who submitted to the “Vows” section of the paper, and it was quite humorous. You can read it here.

Having photographed hundreds of engagement sessions, I can tell you that while the New York Times may have the most famous specifications for wedding announcements, they are certainly not the only one. Every publication is different and most have their own submission guidelines for wedding or engagement photos. If you have a specific publication in mind, talk to your photographer ahead of time as he or she might already know what’s required, or can work with you to find out the publication’s editorial guidelines. This way, your photographer can be sure to capture some images that fit the rules and you won’t be hunting through old photos trying to find one that might fit. It may mean spending some time ‘posing’ in a way that feels awkward, but it could save you a lot of frustration in the long run.

If you have any funny or interesting ‘wedding announcement’ stories, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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