Chiara + Andrew: Music Festival Inspired Wedding at Bassinova-on-Hudson

When Chiara and Andrew told me that they were having a ‘music festival’ wedding, I was not aware of the lengths that they would go to. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…BUBBEPALOOZA!

hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-5 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-1

Pretty nice view, right? And, yes, that is a Volkswagen van tent in the lower right…because what music festival is complete without a Volkswagen van???


Oh, and your bridal party definitely needs their all access VIP passes.


And in case you forget the order of events, it’s on the back of your pass!


PS, all this beautiful design work? The bride did it! Oh, and check out these awesome wooden bow ties for the groomsmen! Especially helpful if your groomsmen do not know how to tie bow ties…

bossonova-on-hudson-31 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-8

It has taken me a while to get to posting this wedding, but it seems all the more fitting now with the passing of Leonard Cohen, since the matching tattoos Chiara and Andrew had done DURING their engagement session are Cohen’s “Unified Heart”.

bossonova-on-hudson-30 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-13

First look on a balcony? Sounds good to me!

hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-17 bossonova-on-hudson-2 bossonova-on-hudson-3 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-23

Look! Over there! It’s a bird…nope, I’m going to twirl!bossonova-on-hudson-4

The bride’s brother made the chuppah.

Time for the first musical act…all acoustic ’90s chick rock’ on the ‘Grass Stage’…

Yea, how about that view?

Since Andrew is a two time US Air Guitar champion, it is only fitting that the processional music would be played by fellow air guitarist, Shreddy Mercury…


bossonova-on-hudson-6 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-36

bossonova-on-hudson-7 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-40

And fitting with the music festival theme (and their overall love of music in general) the readings were lyrics from their favorite songs.

hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-37 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-41 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-42 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-43

Ceremony complete – time for the second musical act – a New Orleans style jazz band! I do love a good horn section…


Oh, the favors? DIY hand made plaques featuring engagement photos and the unified heart symbol.

bossonova-on-hudson-12 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-45

Yes, those are a whole bunch of apple pies in cast iron skillets – along with some very tasty looking chickens!


Anybody want some fresh pressed cider?


Time to head down to the reception tent!


Let’s have a second line procession!

bossonova-on-hudson-14 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-62 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-64 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-66 bossonova-on-hudson-11 bossonova-on-hudson-9

When the bride and groom have different tastes in beverages…


Yea, not so sure about the view…


Andrew’s exuberance cannot be contained!


These are the moments I live to capture…

hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-70 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-72 bossonova-on-hudson-16 bossonova-on-hudson-17

After those emotional and touching parent dances, it’s time to lighten the mood with a “Jagger off”…bossonova-on-hudson-18 bossonova-on-hudson-19

Oh, and you didn’t think there would be a lack of air guitar did you? In fact, there was an entire ‘air band’!

hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-92 bossonova-on-hudson-24

Chiara was not to be left out. With a little help from her bridesmaids, she serenaded Andrew.


Never forget the little people…

bossonova-on-hudson-20 bossonova-on-hudson-27 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-102 hudson-valley-music-festival-inspired-wedding-103 bossonova-on-hudson-21

Excuse me, I am going to go check on those pies…


Wherever you look, Chiara and Andrew are there!

bossonova-on-hudson-22 bossonova-on-hudson-26

Andrew got his hands on a bandolier of off brand Jagermeister…


Oh, and this kid was the BOMB! He owned the reception, being lifted by the crowd and posing like he’s Kevin Garnett or something…


Thank you, Chiara and Andrew, for having me as a part of this amazing wedding. Want to learn more about the vendors involved in this wedding? Check out the links below…



Venue: Bassinova-on-Hudson | Dress: Watters | Groom’s Shoes: Rivieras | Bowties: California Bowties | Rings: Erin Gallagher Jewelry | Caterer:

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