My friend Marquina and I met seven years ago when she was planning her wedding. Since then, I’ve photographed her engagement session…


Her wedding…(yes, Marquina likes to jump, but no more jumping photos…okay, maybe one more…later…)


We just hit it off as friends. Maybe it was because we’re both from Michigan. Maybe because we’re both a little goofy. Since the wedding, we worked on a number of shoots together, including this one…5C2A0896

Marquina also invited Caroline and I to come watch her at air guitar competitions. Yes, air guitar…


Last year, I got a call from Marquina and she told Caroline and I that she’d been diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. We were stunned, and our first response was, “What can we do?” She told us that we didn’t have to do anything, she just wanted us to know. We still made it clear that we were just a phone call away.

A month or so later, Marquina called me again and said that she was starting her chemotherapy and she had an idea. Instead of spending hours just sitting there, she wanted to do some ‘glam chemo’ photo shoots to take her mind off it. I believe my response was, “When do you need me to be there?”

self portrait

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