Couples always ask me in meetings, “Soooooo, how many weddings have you photographed?”

Over 400. I don’t have an exact number because the last time I counted (at the beginning of this year) it was almost 400 and I don’t have a record of all the weddings I did when I was photographing them with film. What can I say? I was young and foolish and 16 years ago I wasn’t as concerned about archiving as I am now.

Then I stopped to think about that. 400 weddings?!?

400-Couples 1

Big weddings. Small weddings. Weddings that I was the witness to…

I’ve traveled all over the country, from California to Florida.

400 couples.

800 people.

800 families.

I really feel incredibly honored to have been a part of such an important day for all of these people. It still amazes me when I am on social media and I see photo after photo that I took as profile pictures, sometimes even many years later. Here’s to the next 400!




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