Leanna + Patrick: Central Park Engagement

When couples ask if they can bring their pets to their engagement session, my answer is always “Absolutely!”


Leanna and Patrick brought their dog, Enzo, to their engagement session.


Enzo was very excited, as you can see. However, we had to pass him off to some family members so that the engagement session could continue.

central-park-nyc-engagement-with-dog 1

A lot of my couples tell me they feel uncomfortable in front of the camera. Leanna, Patrick, and I started joking about uncomfortable high school portraits so we had to do some ‘prom pics’.

central-park-nyc-engagement-with-dog 4

Ahh, Bethesda Terrace…

central-park-nyc-engagement-with-dog 2


Central Park is a gorgeous location for photos. I feel like sometimes I am spoiled by it.

central-park-nyc-engagement-with-dog 3

I had a great time working with Leanna and Patrick on their engagement session, and I am looking forward to their wedding!


self portrait

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