It’s a Hard Knock Life

I have not been very active on the blog or on social media for the last month. May was a very crazy month, with lots of highs and lows. It started with spending four days photographing the Frieze NY Art Fair for the Art Newspaper, where I got to see a lot of celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Neil Patrick Harris, Richard Gere, and Mike Myers…

Leonardo DiCaprio, Neil Patrick Harris, Richard Gere, Mike Myers

What was the rest of the month after that like? Let’s see – five weddings, five engagement sessions, two portrait sessions, a bat mitzvah…

That’s a lot of photo taking and you may think keeping up with all of that kept me from being very interested in writing blog posts or social media, and in some ways you are right. Scheduling, shooting, editing…it all eats up time. But there was also another event, a funeral.


Jim Labuhn was my dad’s best friend for as long as I can remember. I know people overuse the phrase “as long as I can remember” a lot, but in this case, it is the truth- well over 30 years, probably 35 years or more. Jim and my dad were always doing things together. They played on the same police softball team, went on golf outings, taught fire investigation seminars…the list goes on and on. For over a decade, we all went to the Michigan high school football championships together every year. When I say ‘over a decade’, that is only when I was able to go. They continued going, taking their grandchildren along, well after I moved to New York City. “Uncle Jim” always stayed in touch, calling or emailing, asking how I was doing. He was incredibly loyal and giving, and truly larger than life. When I found out he had succumbed to cancer, I knew I had to be there for the funeral, both for myself and for my family, because Jim was family.

The funeral service was held, fittingly, at a football stadium. Not only because it was one of Jim’s favorite places, but because that was the amount of space you needed for all the people who were going to attend. That is how many people he touched. He could talk to anybody. He’d also probably tell you he was better looking than the four guys at the beginning of this post…

My mother said to me, “It is hard to believe that someone with that much energy is gone.” In response to that, my physicist side points to the first law of thermodynamics – energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed. I can feel Jim with me, honking his car horn along to the tune of the soundtrack of Annie…it’s a hard knock life…for us!

self portrait

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