Florence + Kenny: High Line Park Engagement Session

People often ask me how early you need to get to the High Line on a nice weekend to take engagement photos. The answer? VERY EARLY! Seriously, if the weather is nice, the High Line will have lots of people on it by 8 AM and it will be packed by 10 AM.

Florence and Kenny were smart and showed up with me at sunrise to take their photos on the High Line.

I am really looking forward to their wedding next month!

A quick outfit change and we are ready for more photos!

Jumping shot! Occasionally you have to have one of those.

This was the furthest North I had ever been on the High Line since they opened it up past 23rd Street. It really is a gorgeous park. But since it is so narrow, it does get very crowded when there are a lot of people. So keep that in mind! Thanks Florence and Kenny! See you at the wedding…

self portrait

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