DIY Speedlite On Axis Bracket Project

For photographers who use off-camera speedlites, one problem that often comes up while using modifiers such as umbrellas is that speedlites and mounts commonly made for them are not designed to put the light on the same axis as the umbrella shaft. This leads to inefficient light usage since umbrellas (and most lighting modifiers) are designed to receive light directly at their center.

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Casey, looks like a good solution to a problem that never seems to get resolved, at least at a reasonable cost.

From back here, those speedlights mounted on the triggers look precarious and prone to breaking the equipment mounts in the event of a mishap.

The speedlights connected direct to the L-brackets look like they would have a more secure mount.

From your use in the field, how secure do they hold up?

John, I’m unsure what you mean by prone to breaking equipment mounts. The speedlights connected to the cold shoes are mounted just as secure as the single speedlight mounted on the L bracket. You just have to make sure to screw everything in tight. Otherwise, no matter what the set up, you are more prone to mishaps. Also, any set up, if it falls over, is going to run the risk of breaking a mount, unless it is somehow padded. Would I use this in a high wind situation on location with a light stand? No. Most likely I would go with something hand held by an assistant. But to address your point more directly, it is very secure, in my experience, as long as you make sure that everything is screwed in tightly.

Thanks for this post! prices have gone down for the individual components.

Great post ! Thank you !

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