As some of you may know, our dog, Tyler, had some health complications last week. He is an old, little dog and with that comes a wide array of potential problems. One of the main issues that arises is heart trouble. And our beloved hairy little guy has some heart issues. After spending a few days in the hospital, he is back with us and on the road to recovery. While this problem will never go away, the doctors have said that he will be able to return to ‘being Tyler’ with regular medication.

Caroline and I would like to thank everyone who lent their prayers and positive thoughts for our buddy. He means a lot to us and the outpouring of affection we received through social media, emails, texts, and even the care package he received, showed us just how beloved he is outside our home. He is a tough little fella and he is pulling through. While we know we our days with him are limited and they always have been, it is good to see him doing the things that he enjoys.

So to all of Tyler’s loyal fans and friends out there, a huge thank you from Caroline and I – and a big sloppy lick from the little guy!


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