Frieze New York Art Fair Recap

You may have noticed the blog has been a bit quiet over the last week. What is the reason for that? Well, last week I was covering the Frieze New York Art Fair for The Art Newspaper (followed immediately by a wedding on Saturday – it was a busy week). This meant photographing the art works, artists, collectors, celebrities, gallery openings, and gala events both at the fair and events all over New York City. It also means, as I explored two years ago with a stop motion video during the fair, a lot of walking and a lot of cab rides…

Frieze NY Art Fair 2014

Yes, it is held in a very large tent. To give you some idea of how large, the picture above only covers one small section of the fair. There are hundreds of individual gallery ‘booths’ throughout the tent. My job at the fair is not only to run around capturing photos for various stories, but to be on the look out for celebrities, and to create a visual story of the fair itself for a two page photo spread in the paper.


Yes, that is Leonardo DiCaprio in the lower left hand corner, but my personal favorite photo from the fair was the ‘strong messages’ photo. Whether it is a wedding, an event, portraits, or an art fair I am capturing with my camera – for me, it is all about telling a story.

Have you ever been to Frieze New York? Tell me your art fair story in the comments section below!

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