Tips for Saving on Your Wedding Budget – Misconceptions and Solutions

Good Morning America’s recent series “Bride To Be On A Budget” certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest of outrage in the wedding industry with advice like this:

“Bands and DJs are great, but for a cheaper music option, use your iPod. That way, you can customize your own playlist and save yourself about $5,000 on a DJ or band – and you’ll be guaranteed to get the music you want.”

Really? $5,000? Are most people spending $5,000 on a DJ? I do not think so but more on that later…

Listen, I know planning a wedding can be an exhausting and expensive process. I have done it myself! I have been where the bride and grooms planning their weddings are right now, wondering how to make everything fit into the budget. But let’s take a step back and look at some giant looming misconceptions about planning your wedding and saving money on it, and some actually helpful advice on saving money!

“As soon as you say you are having a wedding, they will jack up the price on you!”

This brilliant piece of advice has been circling around for a long time, with some people saying, “Just tell them you are having a party instead of a wedding.” Right, because they are never going to find out it is actually a wedding. Wedding vendors don’t jack up the price on you just because you are having a wedding (there may be a some out there, I have never dealt with them and if they do exist, I am sure they are a very small minority in the business). Working on a wedding involves a significantly greater time commitment from any vendor, if you want it done right. /* START: SMALL ONLY */ @media (max-width: 767px) { .flo-block--6529 { margin-top: 0rem; margin-bottom: 0rem; } } /* END: SMALL ONLY */ /* START: MEDIUM ONLY */ @media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 1024px) { } /* END: MEDIUM ONLY */ /* START: MEDIUM UP*/ @media (min-width: 768px) { .flo-block--6529 { margin-top: 0rem; margin-bottom: 0rem; } } /* END: MEDIUM UP*/ /* START: LARGE UP*/ @media (min-width: 1025px) { } /* END: LARGE UP*/

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Great response Casey! I read that GMA article and watched the video clip…what a load of irresponsible and superficial crap “tips”.

Hiring an inexperienced student to photograph your wedding as a way to save money is just a sure fire way of getting amateur photos…might as well just give the guests disposable cameras and call it a day. When there’s so much time and effort being put into planning a wedding, you deserve to have a talented artist capture it, and do it well.
I personally believe that the venue and photographer are the most valuable vendors at a wedding (and I’m comfortable saying that even as a florist)..and you’re certainly a top notch photographer and a VIP! 🙂

As a florist, I died when I saw the tip on NOT HAVING VASES…and instead using just a block of wet OASIS. No florist would EVER dream of agreeing to do this insane move, and the client would be thrilled at having a massive wet patch in the middle of each table from under the soaked Oasis. Better idea- might as well just toss some grocery store bouquets in the middle of each table…no vase, just laying there – budget problems solved!

I’d eat a hat to see Francesco actually utilize his fabulous “tips” with current clients…

I’m glad that GMA took down the idiotic clip, and I truly hope that Francesco thinks about the silly words coming out of his mouth in any future chats with clients.

Great post, and keep on doing great professional work!

Thank you, Pola. I agree it is ‘irresponsible’ advice. You are setting up expectations that you will get the same service/product at an inconceivably lower cost. It just isn’t correct.

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