And Now For Something Completely Different…

It is a new year. That means it is time to try new things, right? How about something that has never been done before?

bridal fashion aerialists

While watching some aerialists perform at the Renaissance Faire, the idea struck me that it would be an amazing idea for bridal fashion. So I checked to see if it had been done before – after extensive research, it turns out no one has ever done it like this. Sure, occasionally you have a girl in a wedding gown sitting on a trapeze…but an entire bridal party on aerial apparatus?

n aerialists by casey fatchettbridal fashion aerialists by casey fatchett

I would like to thank Saja Wedding for both providing the gowns for this shoot and for believing that we wouldn’t destroy them in the process! The ethereal quality of the dresses helps give the photos a ‘dreamy’ quality and they allow for plenty of movement, which was key to pulling this off! I would also like to thank the ladies of Aerial Arts NYC for posing for the photos and the wonderful Eden Di Bianco for doing hair and makeup!

n aerialists by casey fatchettn aerialists by casey fatchettn aerialists by casey fatchettn aerialists by casey fatchettn aerialists by casey fatchett

And it is a great workout!

Most brides-to-be start their exercise routine to get in shape for their Summer wedding around New Year’s – so think of aerial as ‘pilates on steroids’! I was seriously impressed at the strength of these women – and most of them had been doing this for less than two years! Classes are springing up all over and if you are in New York City, I would highly recommend contacting Aerial Arts NYC.

n aerialists by casey fatchettn aerialists by casey fatchett

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self portrait

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