DOs and DON’Ts When Dealing With Wedding Vendors


As you prepare for your wedding day, remember that your vendors are your ‘creative team’. We want to help you have the most amazing day possible. That being said, here are some things to keep in mind if you want to keep your team happy and giving you their all.

DO…tell wedding vendors your budget ‘range’ right from the beginning!

DON’T…ask for a deal or a discount. (You immediately put us on the defensive by doing that.)

DO…share things that inspire you with us!

DON’T…expect us to recreate someone else’s wedding, cake, flowers, photo, etc. for you. (It’s harder to copy something exactly than to create something new!)

DO…contact us if you have a last minute request to see if we are available

DON’T …think that ‘last minute’ necessarily means ‘less expensive’.

DO…tell us about any special plans for the wedding (e.g. “We are having an acrobatic troupe perform!”)

DON’T…notify us of something big at the last minute. (e.g. “We are having an acrobatic troupe perform…RIGHT NOW!”)

DO…call, text or email if you have questions or concerns about your wedding.

DON’T…forget that as much as we want to be available to you all the time, we still have other clients and a life outside of work.

DO…ask us for advice if you really want it.

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