AnnaMaria + Ron: 12/12/12 Greenwich Village Wedding

After the turn of the millennium, getting married on dates where all the numbers lined up the same was a pretty big thing. I remember one wedding officiant telling me they performed 9 weddings on 7/7/7. So, at first glance, AnnaMaria and Ron’s wedding on 12/12/12 at One if By Land might seem like a last ditch effort to get in on the trend. However, when you realize that they met 12 years ago – to the day – AT THIS RESTAURANT – it makes a lot more sense.

Despite problems caused by Hurricane Sandy, they went ahead with their intimate wedding plans.

Just the two of them, an officiant, their three children, and a few close friends and family members.

And don’t think for one minute that their twin little girls weren’t eyeing that wedding cake the whole time.


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