“Do you know how to tie a bow tie?”

As I have discussed before, I get asked to do a lot of things at weddings. One thing that comes up a lot is helping tie bow ties! I was even asked recently by some industry friends to do it (they thought I had already posted a tutorial on this) so I felt the time was right to do a ‘how to’ video on bow tie tying!

First off, before the video – if it’s your wedding day (or you’re in the wedding party) and you came here because you’re desperately trying to figure out how to tie a bow tie, take a deep breath, now take another one. The video is very informative and it doesn’t go too fast. And we go through the process twice. Okay, here we go.

Now, if the wedding is still off in the future, the key is to practice, practice, PRACTICE! Keep doing it over and over again and it will get a lot easier. My suggestion would be to practice tying the bow tie three times in a row twice a week until the wedding. By then, you’ll be pretty good at it – which is good, because you might have to help the other people in the wedding party. Hey, come to think of it, share this post with them NOW!

Here is a breakdown of the process with still photos for you to look at while you are practicing.

How To Tie A Bow Tie

Many thanks to Brent for helping with this video. I hope you found this helpful and educational. Are there other issues you’d like to see me address in future posts? Did this post help you out on your wedding day when you were frantically searching for how to tie a bow tie? Please leave a comment below!

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