Some of you may know that Caroline and I had to say goodbye to our beloved cat, Hockis, last week. His health declined very rapidly over the last month and in the end, he was at peace.

I have often publicly mentioned my adversarial relationship with Hockis. He made sure to let me know he was not happy when he and Caroline moved in with me (and my dog, Tyler) by ‘marking’ all of my suits. He would also be sure to be right next to my shoes every time he needed to cough up a hairball. Once I even caught him with his head inside one of my boots while he coughed one up. And I remember waking up to find him sitting on my chest, staring into my face…putting his paw over my mouth to try and smother me.

But he was also very loving. He was always there with a ‘head butt’ if you needed a pick me up. And as my mother pointed out to me, I finally had my childhood wish of owning both Garfield and Odie in real life. The photos help us remember the good times before he got sick, and the very adventurous and eventful life that he lived. Tyler misses his brother. We miss our kitty. I keep expecting to see him walk into the room out of the corner of my eye. Or jump onto my shoulder from the window.

self portrait

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