In the previous two installments of this blog series on the costs ‘behind’ wedding photography, I have addressed quantifiable concepts – equipment costs and time spent working on photos as well as running a business. It is very easy to explain with numbers why a service costs what it does. But wedding photography is not just about numbers. So, with this post to close the series (for now), I would like to address topics which are much more difficult to quantify mathematically – the intangibles!

Bride on the 19th Green


Often referred to as the photographer’s ‘eye’ – how do you put a figure on someone’s ability to take a beautiful picture. By the photo? By the hour? When you are looking for a wedding photographer, you want to find someone whose pictures ‘speak’ to you. Someone who can capture moments, details, views, etc. in a way that will transport people who look at them to that moment. Regardless of what term they use to describe their ‘style’, you can see yourself in their photos. Is that

self portrait

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[…] Yeah, that about sums it up. GMA pulled the article and the video from their website after a flurry of negative reactions. Listen, everyone has a different budget and different priorities. I understand that. But telling someone to just buy a college kid a camera – wait, how much is that camera going to cost? Don’t they need lenses too? And software to edit your photos? Oh, and then pay them for their time…where exactly are you saving money let alone $8000? Much like the aforementioned ‘save $5000 by using an iPod instead of a DJ or a band’ advice, I have no idea where they are getting these numbers. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is $30,000, according to The Knot. If people budget 10% for photography, the average would be around $3000. So 9 times out of 10, your wedding photography is going to cost about as much as a professional quality camera – or less actually – more on that here. And my own thoughts on this, for what they are worth, if you hire a photography student who has never photographed a wedding to take your pictures – your photos will look like they were taken by a photography student who has never photographed a wedding. With every professional vendor, you are not just paying for the equipment, you are paying for skill and insight – more on that here. […]

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