The State of the Wedding Photography Industry

Recently I conducted a survey of over 100 wedding photographers from all over the world, asking them questions about the time and expense that goes into running their business. The infographic below interprets the findings of that survey.

Well, that is certainly a lot of information. How can we use it to better serve our clients and our business?


If nearly half of wedding photographers are booking less than 50% of the people who contact them, it means one of three things:

  • The increased number of photographers in the wedding industry means everyone is getting a smaller number of weddings overall.
  • Wedding photographers need to get better at converting potential clients into actual clients.
  • Wedding photographers are not marketing themselves to the couples who will want to book them as opposed to any other photographer.

I actually believe that it is a combination of all three of these aforementioned items. The thing is, there is nothing you can do about the first one. There will always be new people joining the industry and there will always be competition. You can do something about the other two.

You can learn to be a better salesperson. And that does not mean turning yourself into the stereotypical used car salesman and only being concerned with sales. I highly recommend the book

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