New Look – New Logo – And Words of Wisdom from An Old Man

You say it’s your birthday? Well, it’s my birthday too! YEA!

As I get older, I tend to wax philosophical. Here are some words of wisdom from an ‘old man’ – “Don’t get old!” At least in your thinking. Approach problems and projects with the eyes of a child, curious and looking everywhere for answers. The problems we find trying to be creative usually come from roadblocks we have set up in our thinking that certain approaches won’t work.

You may notice a few things look different around the old website homestead these days. One of my presents to myself this year for my birthday was to stop procrastinating and finally get around to streamlining my website. It was ‘fine’ before – but I am not satisfied with ‘fine’. It needed something. And one of those things was a new logo. You can see the new logo at the end of this portfolio slideshow I put together.

Side Note: I love the song in that video. It is called Stargirl from a band called The Spruce Campbells (and if you know why I really love that band name – we should talk).

Head over and check out the new look of the website and let me know what you think!

self portrait

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