Dayna + Aaron: DIY Lichtenstein Polka Dot Pop-Art Comic Book Wedding

You may remember Dayna and Aaron’s amazing DIY wedding invitation, or their engagement session on the Highline (and in MoMA). Today, I bring you their super amazing, geektastic, DIY wedding. And when I say DIY, I defer to Dayna:

I said at the wedding that a DIY wedding is less “Do It Yourself” and more “Do It Yourself with the help of everyone you’ve ever met.”

Quite true, as you will see, there are some amazing projects in this wedding. Aaron, a graphic designer who put together that wedding invitation, created wedding day ‘collateral’ for throughout the day, both guiding and engaging the guests.

Instead of a guest book, the table centerpieces featured ‘blank’ Lichtenstein paintings on postcards which guests could color in (with the provided crayons) and leave a message for the couple on the back.

A pamphlet explaining what is expected of you at the wedding – what better way to let your guests know what you would like? It was brilliant. I need to get my hands on a copy so I can share it with you. And bug repellent wipes! Very thoughtful, because when you are getting married outside in the summer, nobody wants to be eaten alive by mosquitos. They do suck.

A reminder to tip your bartenders, flashlights for finding your way through the dark after the reception, and directions to the photo booth. And now on to the wedding (don’t worry, there are more DIY projects to come).

Colorful, polka dot shoes – keeping with the theme!

Gifts for the bridesmaids…why not color coordinated vintage pin-up girl flasks?

A little levity while getting Dayna into her dress…and if you have a bunch of brightly colored petticoats, you have to get a picture of the bride with them!

I did say more DIY, right? How about origami bouquets and boutonnieres?

Time for the first look…

Dayna and Aaron truly ‘personalized’ their wedding ceremony. The wrote their own vows (they flipped a gelt – the traditional Jewish chocolate coin – to see who went first). For their readings, they had their friends ‘act out’ scenes on the topic of love from their favorite films, including The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, and Serenity. They are geeky that way.

Dayna told Aaron to dance while she was reading her vows to keep her from crying…

The bride and her bridesmaids. Color coordinated and classy.

The groomspeople, not so much on the classy front…but they are having fun!

By the way, Dayna is terrible at high-fiving. But she does it with enthusiasm!

“I cannot walk into the woods in these shoes.” —- “Okay, I will carry you!”

Time to sign the ketubah – custom made to fit with the Lichtenstein theme.

And instead of traditional cake, how about miniature cupcakes arranged to make a piece of pop art?

More DIY. A “muppet” card box made by one the bridesmaids.

Having a little fun with props from the photo booth…

The centerpiece ‘canvases’ are colored in and signed. Time for Dayna to put on her dancing shoes. Seriously, look at those shoes! Yes, she needs that heel – she is a wee person. But apart from that – sparkly!

Now we are off to the ‘party barn’ for the dancing portion of the evening. Dayna is in a band, and they knew that her band would be playing the party – and that Dayna would sing with them (more on that later). But they are also friends with a lot of musicians, who happily volunteered to play and sing at the reception.

We are not done with the bridesmaids. Check out the comic book inspired fascinators!

And color coordinated rings! Wonder bridesmaid powers – ACTIVATE!

And if you’ve got a petticoat – you have to twirl!

Time for Dayna to take the stage…

“Reaching out…touching hands, touching you….touching me…Sweet Caroline!”

I know some of you might be thinking, “Really? Singing at your own wedding?” Dayna rocks. And if you don’t believe me, watch this video:

Thank you, Dayna and Aaron, for having me as a part of your wedding day!

Creative Team:

Venue: Full Moon Resort

Music: Greg Smith and The Broken English, Brandi Thompson, and Aiden MacKenzie

Ketubah: MPArtworks

Bridal Gown + Fur Shrug: Macy

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