5 Tips to Get the Most from Your Engagement Photos

It is that time of year when many couples are planning their engagement photo sessions. Those of you planning your weddings might be frantically running around thinking, “Wait, we need to think about engagement photos?” I highly recommend getting engagement portraits taken. For one thing, they allow you to get comfortable having your picture taken (and that is going to happen a lot on your wedding day) and they provide an opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer better (if they are taking the pictures, which I highly recommend as well – but more on that another time). So here are five tips to get more out of your engagement photos…

1. Choose a Location or Theme That Has Meaning To You

Whether it is outside the restaurant or bar where you had your first date, a place you love to visit, or someplace where you both really enjoy the view – I highly recommend if you are shooting on location choosing some place that has meaning to you as a couple. That way, when you look back on the photos years later, they will have an even more special place in your heart.

The same holds true for ‘themed’ shoots. For example, zombie apocalypse engagement sessions are awesome, but only if you love zombies!

2. Coordinate Your Wardrobe.

Listen, I am not saying that the two of you should have matching outfits. I am saying that you should at least look like you are on the same page. It will look awkward if one of you is dressed for a cocktail party and the other has gone with a ‘Casual Friday’ approach. If you have time, you may even want to have a two or three different ‘looks’ available, to add some variety to your photos.

3. Bring a Prop

You don’t have to bring a trunk full of stuff with you to your shoot, but bringing an item or two with you to play with while you are having photos taken can help put you at ease and give you ‘something to do’ during your pictures. It could be a scarf, a hat, your pet…just something the two of you can be involved with during some of your photos to take your mind off having your picture taken!

4. Talk to Your Photographer

Most likely they have done this before – many times. Bounce ideas off of them. Get to know them. The more collaborative the experience, the better the photos will be!

5. Don’t Stress Yourself Out

Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is without adding more pressure to the mix. If you have a great idea for your engagement photos, I say go for it. But I would also say to keep practicality in mind. Consider how much time you have with your photographer and plan accordingly. If you only have two hours with your photographer, you probably should not try to take photos in eight different locations. Streamline your shoot and choose only the best ideas!

A Final Bit of Advice

There is a lot of ‘inspiration’ out there on for engagement photos. Don’t feel pressured into fitting into someone else’s idea of what your photos should look like. Find something that is ‘you’ and go with that. Or even better, come up with your own idea!

I hope you found this helpful. If you have any advice or ideas for couples planning their engagement photos, leave a comment below!

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