5 Tips for Getting The Most From Your Getting Ready Photos

I am continuing my series of ‘Tip Tuesdays’ for couples planning their weddings and today I am discussing how to get great ‘getting ready’ pictures.

1. Ditch the Crappy Hanger

First and foremost – nothing makes your dress look worse than a crappy plastic hanger. Your hotel or venue may have a nice wooden hanger you can use in a pinch but if you do not want to leave things to chance, there are many companies that offer custom hangers for brides (like the one above).

2. Consider The Location

Remember, where you get ready is the backdrop for all of these photos. It sets the scene for these pictures just as much as your reception decor. You may not have a lot of choices but if you want great getting ready shots keep this in mind.

3. Bring Your Details

If you want pictures of your shoes, jewelry, invitation, flowers – those sorts of details – make sure you have them with you and that they are available when the photographer arrives.

4. Straighten Up

You don’t have to go crazy on this, but make sure someone is in charge of picking up the garbage. I want to document things as they happened, but having a bunch of empty water bottles, plastic bags, or packaging/packing material sitting around can clutter the photo as well as the space.

5. Give Yourself Enough Time

Relax. Don’t rush yourself. There are going to be a lot of people and tasks pulling at your attention on the day of the wedding. But it is YOUR day! Make sure you give yourself enough time to get yourself and everyone else ready. Make sure your bridesmaids get dressed before you do, because they are going to be in the background when you put your dress on! And if you want some nice portraits of you in your dress by yourself, the ‘getting ready’ portion of the day is a great time to do them – so make sure you plan accordingly.

And just because I am saying ‘brides’ a lot does not mean that the guys get to take it easy on this one – this goes for the groom and groomsmen too. This goes for everybody!

Above all, smile and have a great time – you are about to get married!

self portrait

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