5 Things The Walking Dead Can Teach You About Business and Life

Yes, it is Valentine’s Day and you were probably expecting me to start off with something romantic. Nope, zombies! Fooled you! Well, to some, zombies can be romantic. Trust me, I have a special romantic something for all you couples out there later on today. So be sure to check back. For right now, I share with you some wisdom as taught to us by the show (and the graphic novels) The Walking Dead! Because what better teaching tool is there than a zombie apocalypse…

what can we learn from the zombie apocalypse

1. Only work with people you know you can really trust!

You have to know that your teammates have got your back, in life and in a barren wasteland full of the flesh eating undead. So be careful who you trust – your life and your reputation may be in their hands!

2. If You Want to Survive, You Will Need to Learn New Skills.

Once you think you do not need to learn anything else, you are probably dead (either emotionally or because you are being eaten by a zombie). Take a business class, learn about marketing or design, maybe take an archery lesson – simply expand your repertoire. It never hurts to add a few new tricks to your bag – they may be what separates you from the ones being eaten.

3. People Won’t Learn Until They are Ready

You can give advice to people or try to teach them something, but in the end – they are only going to learn when they are ready. Until then they will continue to repeat the same mistakes, even if they should just STAY IN THE HOUSE! DO YOU HEAR ME, CARL?!?!?

4. Keep Moving Forward

Comfort is your enemy! If you get too comfortable, you are going to stagnate. You know who likes stagnation? Zombies, that’s who…

5. Know When To Relinquish Control

If you watch the show, you know that the main character, Rick Grimes, has some control issues. You can’t control everything. Not in life, not in business – not in the zombie apocalypse. If you could control everything in the zombie apocalypse there probably wouldn’t be one. Sometimes you have to realize that something happened and all you can do is deal with it – move on! The more you tighten your grip on it, the less control you will have over other aspects of your life and that can lead to further stress and more bad decision making!


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