5 Questions to Ask Before Popping the Question

It is that time of year again – no, not just the holidays – it is what we in the wedding business call ‘engagement season’. I read somewhere that more people get engaged between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day than in the rest of the year combined. It makes sense, when you think about it – lots of romantic holidays (New Year’s, Valentine’s, etc.), you’re usually closer to family and those you would like to celebrate with afterwards. Well, if you are preparing to ask the big question, here are a few pointers from someone who has been there (not only having done it myself, but witnessed quite a few proposals!)

1. How big of a secret do you want this to be?

If you are planning to propose, most likely you have discussed getting married with your significant other on some level. So they are not going to be ‘completely surprised.’ There are varying levels of surprise –

  • “I knew it was going to happen but I didn’t know when!”
  • “We had talked about it a little but I had no idea!”
  • “Who are you again?”

So, how surprised do you want them to be? That is going to determine

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