How To Properly Pin A Boutonniere

As a wedding photographer, I have been asked or jumped in to help in many different situations. I’ve sewn buttons back on, safety pinned dresses and jackets, applied many a Tide Stain Stick (TM). But there is one thing I help out with more than any other – pinning boutonnieres! It happens for a variety of reasons, mostly because people don’t know how to spell boutonniere let alone how to pin one. Usually the guys decide to put them on before having photos taken and the florist is busy setting up the flowers for the ceremony, and someone will turn to me and say, “Hey, you’ve seen this done a few hundred times. Can you do this?”

Well, I cannot be at every wedding and you might not have someone around who knows how to pin the boutonniere. So, I teamed up with stylist Jacqueline Weppner of Merci New York to put together this video showing you how to do it!

Here is a step-by-step walk through with close up images:

Step 1

Line up the boutonniere with the button whole on the lapel, flip the lapel, and push the pin down through the head of the flower.

Step 2

Push the pin back out through the lapel. You want to put the pin down and back through the lapel to make sure that the pin does not poke anyone if they hug you or if you bump into them while you are dancing!

Step 3

If you have an especially heavy boutonniere, you may want to repeat the process slightly lower to give it some extra sturdiness.

Step 4

Give the boutonniere a little wiggle to make sure it is secure, and you are ready to go!

I would like to thank Gabrielle Aronas of G! Designs for supplying us with our beautiful boutonniere. If you have any questions or comments about pinning a boutonniere, or if there is something else you would like a ‘how to’ on, please leave a comment!

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