Learning the Language of Weddings

Je suis un photographe formidables de mariage!

The Language of Love

My wife, Caroline, and I are learning French in anticipation of a trip to Paris in the future. The sentence above loosely translates to, “I am an awesome wedding photographer!” No, it was not the first thing I set out to learn how to say (that was “Un bon vin blanc!”).

During the process, something dawned on me. For couples planning a wedding, the whole thing can be a lot like learning a new language. Actually, not ‘like’ – it IS a new language with its own unique vocabulary. It can make an already daunting task more stressful. We send newly engaged couples out into the wedding world with their guide book (usually some checklists from a wedding magazine or a blog) and say, “Good luck!”

As wedding professionals, we have created our own lingo over years of working in the field. However, we need to understand that not everyone eats and breathes weddings like we do. We run the risk of burying couples under a pile of jargon.

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