Kate + Tom: Patriot Hills Wedding

Kate was extremely calm on her wedding day. In fact, I think I was a little more anxious than she was, but that probably had to do with the traffic I had to deal with on the way there. Check out her gorgeous bouquet, and I find the locket with the photo a great way to remember a loved one who could not be at the wedding.

Moments like this, catching the bride’s dad giving her sister a kiss on the forehead, are why I love my job!

And I highly recommend first looks. There are many reasons, which I would be happy to discuss with you…

The main one being that you can get most of your portraits out of the way before the ceremony and enjoy your cocktail hour/reception with your friends and family. Speaking of portraits…one serious, one not so serious….

Let the party begin!

The groomsmen did not have to be told twice!

One of the groomsmen even arranged for a special meal for Tom. This wrestling figurine has been passed back and forth over the years between friends and the challenge is to do it creatively. He has been packed in moving boxes, slipped into luggage, even made his way into a cereal box.

Nice glasses!

I think dad wants to try those on.

Congratulations Kate and Tom, it was a pleasure being part of your day!

self portrait

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