Epic DIY Wedding Invitation

So on Tuesday I shared Dayna and Aaron’s engagement shoot and I mentioned that Aaron had put together probably the most amazing DIY wedding invite I have ever seen. Well, today I am sharing the invitation (and save-the-date) for their Lichtenstein themed wedding!

It starts out simply enough with a custom photo printed on the address label. But wait, what is that peeking out from that folded die-cut card?

Oh, it’s a little Lichtenstein couple!

And each card has its own separate painting on the back!

Hello there, ‘pop art’ RSVP card!

And it is not complete without matching ‘pop art’ stamps…just sayin’…

You may be wondering what is on the inside of that fold-out card after you take all the other cards out…BAM!

DIY fold out wedding invitation

As I usually tell people, DIY is a trade off. What you save in money is usually countered by what you spent in time. And Aaron spent a lot of time on this invite.

Yes, he even created a Lichtenstein version of Dayna and himself on the invitation.

But this did not start with the invitation. There was also the ‘save the date’ – which is a three-dimensional DVD holder.

DIY wedding save the date card

Yes, three-dimensional!

What is on the DVD? I thought you might ask.

Humor…I like it! And that giant Lichtenstein mural on the wall behind them in the video – Aaron painted that. What does everyone think about this DIY invitation/save-the-date?

self portrait

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