Should This Be Your Wedding Theme? The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, and True Blood

Remember when there were a whole bunch of Hunger Games themed wedding photo shoots right when the film came out? Brides, bloggers, and everyone in the wedding industry are always on the lookout for the next ‘big thing’, and pop culture plays a big part in that. But perhaps we should take a closer look at what is actually going on at the source. Here are three wedding ‘themes’ you may want to reconsider- The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, and True Blood. This is a long blog post, so plant your tongue firmly in your cheek, strap yourselves in and…LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

The Hunger Games

Personally, I loved the books of The Hunger Games trilogy, but I don’t see them as romantic literature. I would point to Gale and Peeta’s discussion of how they think Katniss will make a ‘romantic’ decision as evidence. Should this really be the ‘love story’ your wedding is themed after? To paraphrase Effie Trinket, “Your wedding is going to be a BIG BIG DAY!”

Hunger Games bracelet

24 go in, only one gets the bouquet!

Hunger Games fight for the wedding bouquetHunger Games necklace and wedding bouquet

And if you are going to go for a Hunger Games wedding, why not go all the way? If not for the wedding, I imagine it could make for a really thrilling bridal shower game!

Hunger Games bow and arrow wedding inspirationHunger Games wedding battle

Real/Not Real – a lot of people in the books die horrible deaths. Real.

Hunger Games Real Not Real necklace

Come to think of it, an full-on Hunger Games themed wedding might make the bouquet toss VERY interesting!

Hunger Games wedding bouquet

How about a Hunger Games themed cake? Beautiful and delicious, as long as those are not actual Nightlock berries.

Hunger Games wedding cake

But if you do want to incorporate some Nightlock berries into your wedding, they make a great favor!

Hunger Games Nightlock Berries Wedding Favor

When President Snow invites you to a wedding, there is no RSVP card. Your attendance is mandatory.

Hunger Games wedding invitation

I have to add, I truly love the drop of blood on the white rose on the invite!

Hunger Games Creative Team:
Flowers – Gabrielle Aronas
Invitation and Favor Card – Katie Fischer Design
Cake – Sweet Element
Jewelry – Spiffing Jewelry
Weapons –
Gotham Armory

Game of Thrones

Okay, I am a huge fan of George R. R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” books and the series Game of Thrones on HBO is a fantastic adaptation. Will there be more Game of Thrones themed weddings once more nuptials start popping up in the series? Possibly, but remember, a Dothraki wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair.

Game of Thrones wedding

In general, weddings and marriages don’t work out so well for people in Game of Thrones. Not to spoil anything for those who haven’t read all the books (or for people who are just watching the HBO series – I almost said TV, but it’s not TV, it’s HBO!) but between the arranged marriages, loveless marriages, deaths or torturing at weddings, marriages that end tragically, bastard children, and weddings that don’t happen because of a blood feud between families – it is amazing that anyone bothers to get married in Westeros (or across the Narrow Sea for that matter).

Game of Thrones wedding invitation

Remember to dress warmly at your Game of Thrones wedding, because, as we all know and the Starks so often remind us, “Winter is coming!”

Game of Thrones

Perhaps a bit of poison for the groom? Let’s just hope it is “The Tears of Lys” – he won’t feel a thing!

Game of Thrones wedding poison

“For the night is dark and full of terrors…” Hopefully R’hollor will keep you safe on the wedding night…

Game of Thrones the night is dark and full of terrors bracelet

Thinking about it, those red Vera Wang bridal gowns from Bridal Market would probably be great for someone who wants to add a little Melisandre or Lannister red to their bridal style! (Click here for photos) They would look great with some thorny red floral arrangements as well. Just don’t make it a “Red Wedding” – those who have read the books know what I am talking about. And if you are going to do a Game of Thrones cake, put the Iron Throne at the top!

Game of Thrones wedding cake and centerpiece

My wife and I are kind of in love with the Game of Thrones cake. Seriously, we kind of want to go back and do our wedding again just to have this cake. Well, maybe not the whole wedding, but the cake…

Game of Thrones wedding cake

What to get as a gift for a Game of Thrones wedding? Perhaps a ‘Valar Morghulis’ coin? You have a year from the date of the wedding to pay that debt, if you live that long.

Game of Thrones Lannister thank you and Valar Morghulis coin

Game of Thrones Creative Team:
Cake – Sweet Element
Flowers – Gabrielle Aronas
Invite & Gift Card Calligraphy – Monks of Age
Jewelry – Spiffing Jewelry
Weapons – Gotham Armory
Costumes – Mortal Folly Theatre Company

True Blood

Admittedly, vampires are inherently romantic, at least since the early 1800’s. Before that, well let us say vamps were not described as super sexy. You want a vampire wedding? That’s totally fine with me! Do what speaks to you and is your unique style. Should you choose a theme like True Blood? Violence? Check. Lying? Check. Weird love-triangle? Check. Hey, if you are really close with best man, it might actually be a good choice. Twilight also gives us that weird love triangle vibe as well as a 110 year old vampire dating a high school student. And before it becomes a trend, I want to let you know – I don’t want to see your 50 Shades of Grey inspired wedding! I know it’s not technically vampires but it does have Twilight origins. Keep that in the boudoir shoots, please!

True Blood weddingTrue Blood wedding

“Eric > Bill”? I might have to agree with that. “Fangbanger”? Take that as you will…

True Blood wedding

Don’t get blood on the bouquet! Whooooooops! Well, I guess that is a risk when marrying a vampire.

True blood wedding

The invitation, because Sookie can’t marry just one of them…

True Blood wedding invitation

And please note your blood type on the RSVP…

True Blood wedding invitation

True Blood Creative Team:
Flowers –Sarah Tallman Design
Invitation and RSVP – Katie Fischer Design
Makeup – MichelleFX
Jewelry – Spiffing Jewelry

Graphic designer and soon to be groom, Aaron Webber, also came up with a ‘bloody’ True Blood invite and RSVP design that I really wanted to share.

True Blood wedding invite and RSVP

So what do you think? Would you use any of these as themes for your wedding? Or would you maybe take a detail item or two to celebrate being a fan? Are there ‘themes’ you think are ‘inappropriate’ for weddings? Leave a comment here or over on my Facebook page

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