Zaina + Ben: Foundry Wedding in Long Island City

I love working at The Foundry in Long Island City. Why? Well, it is not only because it is only a 5 minute cab ride from where I live but it is also a gorgeous location.

I had to laugh to myself when someone wondered why there were bears on top of the wedding cake. Those are ‘nittany lions’…

Did I mention that The Foundry is gorgeous? Because it is…

And sometimes you get a shot that at first you think didn’t come out, but then it takes your breathe away…

Their guests liked to dance…

Did I say “like”? They love to dance! It helped that the incomparable Gary Hoffmann (aka DJ Gaza) from 74 Events was working the turntables.

Great idea for how to cut a cupcake cake – put an actual tier of cake at the top!

Thanks for having me Zaina and Ben, I had an absolutely awesome time.

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