So, it is Thanksgiving and I am thinking about what I am thankful for – and it is not just that my wife is making a delicious meal and that I get to watch the Lions on television…I am extremely thankful for my wife, my family, my friends and so much more.

I had the amazing privilege of working on my grandfather’s memoir recently. It gave me a chance to not only learn more about my grandfather, who is an amazing man (hung out with Bob Hope and George Burns, met FDR, went to bullfights in Mexico, and so much more…). I also got the chance to learn about my grandmother, who died of cancer long before I was born. She was a truly awesome woman. One of the first airline stewardesses, when you had to be a registered nurse to hold that position, she also had a wicked sense of humor. When a group of construction workers whistled at her in front of her kids, she responded “I am still whistle bait from a distance.”

It really hit me, looking at the photos, that there is true power in photographs. Generations pass, and you feel that you can get a sense of who these people are…it renewed my sense of responsibility when taking pictures.

family photos

That being said, Tyler and I are also very thankful for Lions football! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Dog playing football

self portrait

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