Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Book Your Wedding Vendors

So, in case I have not mentioned it, I have a lot of friends getting married next year…and they all come to me for advice since I am in the wedding business, and I am happy to give it! My number one tip for couples getting married is this – don’t wait to book your vendors!

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Ready to book?

Have questions? I can answer them for you.


Great advice there. A photographer friend of mine often says people ring up even a couple of weeks before a wedding desperate… but you can only help some of the time in that case.

People contact me with very little time before the wedding (the shortest notice was calling on a Tuesday for a wedding that Friday) for any number of reasons. The worst I have ever heard was that their original photographer had died suddenly (two weeks before the wedding) and there was no one to replace him. I just worry about people thinking that they are going to have as much choice even though they wait until the last minute. That is never the case.

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