DIY Weddings, Saving Money and Investing in Your Wedding

A friend of mine recently emailed me with some questions about planning his wedding. He’s on a really low budget and he asked me, as a wedding professional and someone who recently got married, “What can I do to save money?”

Well, the best advice I can offer after you find a venue that fits your budget is going the DIY route. Do it yourself! I love DIY elements at weddings. They add a uniquely personal touch. Like these LOST themed escort cards I saw at a recent wedding.

DIY Escort Cards LOST Theme

Desmond was always my favorite! Here is one of my personal all-time favorites. The Crackerjack Box favor.

DIY Favor Crackerjack box

Don’t have time for escort cards or not sure which people will be showing up because they didn’t bother to send their RSVP’s until the week before the wedding? How about a chalkboard?

DIY wedding chalkboard

But please understand, the more DIY projects you choose the more time they are going to take. So be sure you give yourself enough time to complete them. I usually tell people the amount of money you save is directly related to the amount of time you are willing to put in. Think of it as the return on your investment in your wedding.

You can even do your flowers yourself! This bride’s mom did all of the flowers herself. She just bought them all at a market and put them in vases and mason jars.

DIY Wedding Flowers

Listen, there are a million DIY projects out there, but I must reiterate – they take time!!!! That’s how it works. Less money, more time. Here are some great websites to check out for DIY wedding stuff – The Broke Ass Bride, The DIY Bride, My DIY Wedding Day, DIY Wedding, The Crafty DIY Bride, and the DIY boards on Wedding Bee! Check them out, good stuff!

self portrait

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