DeAndrea + Bryan: Beckwith Pointe

Now that I have a bit of a break during this busy wedding season, I am finally able to blog some of this year’s weddings!

So, I give you – DeAndrea and Bryan!

Bride descending stairs

The ceremony, which was both emotional and funny took place in Mount Vernon.

father lifting bride's veil

bride and groom in church

bride and groom first kiss

After the ceremony, we journeyed over to the beautiful Beckwith Pointe for the reception. I had never photographed a wedding there before and I was quite taken with the view!

bride and groom at beckwith pointe

Once inside, we were entertained by the talented Victor Lesser and Manhattan City Music.

Victor Lesser - Manhattan City Music

bride and groom first dance

I loved this kid! He made me laugh…

kid dancing at wedding reception

father daughter dance

Did I mention there is a beach? Because there is a beach. Just so you know…

bride and groom beach portrait sunset

Goodbye, everybody! Until next time…

bride and groom waving goodbye from the beach

self portrait

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