Jessica + James: King Kong Engagement Session

You may be wondering about the title of this post…more on that later. For now, enjoy some pictures from my ‘photo adventure’ with Jessica and James! We started off in Grand Central…

grand central engagement photo

grand central engagement photo

Then we headed down to the 7 train station…

subway station engagement photo

subway station engagement pictureThen on to Central Park!

central park vintage engagement photo

vintage central park engagement photo

central park engagement picture

central park new york city engagement photo

vintage engagement picture love session

engagement photos love session

engagement photo session central park new york city

And after that, James climbed the Empire State Building like King Kong, holding Jessica in his hand…what?!??!?!?

Here is how this came about…when Jessica, James and I were discussing ideas for their engagement photo session, James joked that I would be in a helicopter taking pictures of him hanging off the Empire State Building holding Jessica like King Kong. He may have been joking, but I told them I could make that happen – AND WITHOUT NEEDING A HELICOPTER! I took some photos of them in Central Park, composited them with a photo of the Empire State Building I took several years ago and here is the end result…

king kong empire state building engagement photo

You gotta love Photoshop!

self portrait

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