Zaina + Ben: Who wants to ride the carousel?

So Zaina and Ben tell me, “We don’t like having our picture taken…We’re shy.”

I let them know that’s fine. I give them a few pointers.

I expect that it might take a little while for them to warm up. How was I to expect that after we left Grand Central (and I must say I was pretty amazed we got the shot of them that you will see below standing in the center of the main hall with no one in front of them) that the next 45 minutes would involve an ice cream cone, a ride on the carousel in Bryant Park (I didn’t even know there was a carousel in Bryant Park), and a re-creation of the V-J Day kiss in Times Square (in front of the 40 foot statue they put up to commemorate the anniversary). Thanks Zaina and Ben for bringing me along!

engagement photos in grand central station

Grand Central Station overlook engagement pictures

amazing Grand Central Station photo

bryant park engagement photo session

new york city bryant park engagement photos

manhattan park trees engagement portraits

riding the carousel in bryant park during engagement photo session

Bryant Park Carousel engagement portrait session

times square engagement photos new york wedding photographer

tender loving kiss engagement portrait new york city times square

new york city engagement portrait photographer samples times square

And now for the dip!

VJ Day sailor "kiss" statue photo anniversary picture times square

By the way, if you haven’t seen the statue – it is A LOT BIGGER than you think. It’s 40 feet tall! To give you an idea this picture was taken probably 120 – 150 feet away.

You can see the slideshow of these and more photos from this engagement session by clicking here.

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