Molly + Bjorn: The James Bond Wedding

When I first met with Molly and Bjorn, they told me how their relationship was based on a lie. Apparently, Bjorn told Molly that he knew how to use a particular piece of lab equipment which he had no idea how to use – just to get a chance to know her better. As you can see, this bit of misdirection has worked out well for them!

With Bjorn looking rather like a dashing Agent 007 (fitting that later on he entered the ceremony to the James Bond theme) and Molly stunning everyone in her Vera Wang gown (which I thought looked remarkably like Chelsea Clinton’s wedding gown when I saw photos from the first daughter’s wedding the next week), we set out through the city to Central Park, Grand Central Station, and then back to the Kimberly Hotel where the ceremony and reception were to take place. Molly and I nearly convinced Bjorn to take some portraits in her lab (something I think we should maybe go back and try later).

self portrait

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